A page to list monster and bosses and the rewards and other information.

Bosses give amazing rewards to all that fight them, and you may be surprised that you can get these rewards very easily. The most notable benefit to fighting bosses are the free speed upgrades. If in a top alliance fighting high level bosses, you can clear about 5 days of time in just one.

Boss Spawning

Stronger bosses spawn closer to the center of the map.

Alliance Advantage:

If you rally troops as an alliance, you only need to send one to 10 archers unless otherwise requested by rally leader and a general you want to get experience (you can send one low level siege with no general and not have a march back but then no exp for a general) to reap the rewards of the boss. Only send the same level and troop type as the leader of the rally if you want to help. DO NOT SEND MIXED TROOPS OR LEVELS this increases wounded and can actually cause a loss.

For each boss kill by one of your alliance member you get a Boss Package, you will get some of these in each package not all in one.